1、received的音标如下:英[ri?si?vd]美[r??sivd]中文意思:一般承认的;收到的;被认为标准的动词receive的过去式和过去分词.词汇搭配:1、received energy 接收能量2、received version 标准译本 3、discount received 已获<购货>折扣.双语例句:1. Operator, can you give me any information on the call I just received?接线员,关于我刚刚接到的电话,能给我一些信息吗?2. Each week she meticulously entered in her notebooks all sums received.每周她都非常仔细地在笔记本上记下所有收到的款项。

2、3. Paul was made welcome at the UN and received with eagerness.保罗在联合国受到欢迎和热情接待。

3、4. Units stationed around the capital mutinied because they had received no pay for nine months.驻扎在首都周边的部队因九个月没领到军饷而哗变。

4、5. I received endless, carping criticism.对我的批评连篇累牍、吹毛求疵。